Zoosk FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

It is common for zoosk users to have questions about zoosk. This article will answer the top 10 zoosk FAQs that we’ve received from zooskers over time, so you can get a better understanding of zoosk and how it works. If your question was not answered in this article, please Comment Below we will try to solve as much we can.

What is zoosk?

zoosk is a mobile dating app that offers singles easy, safe and fun way to start their search for love. zoosk has more than 30 million member across the world who are looking for dates, relationships or friendships.

What does zoosk do?

zoosk combines social networks with online dating. You can see zoosk members’ profiles, chat with them and share photos all for free. zooskers can also choose to upgrade their zoosk membership at any time!

How does zoosk work?

zoosker are presented with a few matches per day based on who they might be interested in meeting. When you see someone you like, zoosk will give you the option to like them or pass. If that zoosker likes you back, zoosk lets you know!

Does zoosk work on my mobile device?

yes! zooskers can download zoosk for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. To make it even easier, zoosk can be accessed on the browser too!

What is zoosk for?

zoosk is a fun and easy way to meet new people. It’s also a great place where zooskers of all ages can go if they’re looking for friends or dates. Zoosk has more than 30 million members across the world who are looking for relationships, friendships, love or just someone to chat with. There really is something for everyone at zoosk.

Q. How do I delete zoosk account?

A. To delete your zoosk account, go to the “settings” tab in your account and click on “delete my profile.” You will then be taken through a series of steps about why you are deleting your profile and what that means for other people who may know your password or email address from this site; at the end of it all, you’ll have an option to confirm deletion. If anything goes wrong during these steps (for example if you had trouble with one of the verification questions) please contact customer service!

-How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re not satisfied with our service simply send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll cancel your subscription for you.

-Can I delete my account from the app?

No, at this time zoosk accounts can only be deleted through a web browser. We apologize about any inconvenience.

Q: How do I change my profile picture on zoosk?

A: To change your zoosker’s profile photo go to “settings” -> “account settings” -> “profile”. You will see an option labeled “edit profile.” Click here and upload your new desired profile image! Remember that once it is uploaded you will need to choose which of our four different options (Profile Picture, Tiles Background, Cover Photo) you want as your default representation on ZOOSK so make sure to select one before exiting!

-What about my username?

There is no way to change your zoosk username at this time. If you are having trouble finding someone, try using the search function on our site or contact customer service for assistance!

Q: I can’t log in with my email address and password, what should I do?

A: The most common reason why people cannot sign into their account is because they typed it incorrectly. Double check that you didn’t make a typo when entering either your email address or password – if so please click “Forgot Password?” under the login tab and enter all of the information about yourself that we have available (such as first name, last name, gender). You will then be eligible to receive an email about your account in order to reset the password.

-How do I change my username on zoosk?

You can’t at this time, sorry! But you can always contact customer service and we’ll help as best we can 🙂

Q: How do I delete a message from someone else’s inbox on zoosk?

A: You cannot remove messages that are not yours from another person’s inbox; please send them a private message instead! Sending them a “Delete This Message” request is no different than sending any other type of message – just make sure it has something interesting about yourself or what they wrote about themselves so that they want to keep talking with you 😉 If everything goes well, they should be able to see your message and delete it from their inbox at any time!

-What about my login information?

If you forgot what your password is for zoosk or need help resetting a forgotten password please click “Forgot Password?” under the login tab. You will then enter all of the information about yourself that we have available (such as first name, last name, gender) so that if an email was sent about this account in the past we can find out more about who you are and send them back an email with steps on how to change your old password. Remember: If anything goes wrong during these steps (for example if you had trouble with one of our verification questions), please contact customer service!

Q: What about my zoosk username?

If you can’t find your old password and the email that was used to create this account no longer exists, we’re sorry but there is nothing else to do at this time besides creating a new account.

-Can I delete an old message from someone’s inbox on zoosk?

Unfortunately not at this time – if you are having trouble with something like that please contact customer service for assistance!

Q: Why did my profile get deleted? When will it be back up again? Will anything happen when I log in or use the site/app now? How do I know what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen to me again?!

A: Your profile was deleted because it violated our Terms of Service. If you violate these terms again, your account will be permanently banned and there is no way to get access back to the original ZOOSK account information!

-What about my zoosk messages?

If you don’t know how many chat conversations or messages are in your inbox then try going into “Messages” -> “Inbox”, which should count all chats with other people on this site as well as any sent and received private messages. You can also reach out to customer service if you have questions about anything else about Messages – they’re able to help with everything from archiving old chats that were never opened (or seen!) by either party, sending new texts about other people’s conversations about you, and even chatting with those who sent texts about your account to try and find out what the issue is!

-What about my zoosk favorites?

If you have any Favorites on this site then they will not be affected by an account deletion. If someone has favorited your profile or photos before it was deleted – for example if a conversation between two of our members went left after one person tried to meet up in real life – we recommend deleting that favorite so that all old messages are hidden from view. You can do this by clicking “Favorites” at the top of the page (or going into Messages -> Inbox) -> selecting “Delete All Unread Likes”. Don’t worry about deleting anything that is currently seen by other people, as they are no longer able to reach out about it!

Q: What about my zoosk photos?

If you had any pictures uploaded through your account and would like them back after the deletion of your ZOOSK account please contact customer service. They can be used for identification purposes in order to help us check if a new or old profile matches an existing one, which also helps with preventing fraud on this site and keeping everyone safe while using our app!

-What about my credit card information?

Do not worry about providing any personal information here – we will only use this data when initiating a refund request from our end so that we know what bank details to use.

Q: What about my zoosk account settings?

If you had any changes to your profile that were made after the deletion of this ZOOSK account, please contact customer service so they can help with setting up a new one! If there are other questions about our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy then we recommend reading them on our site (or scanning through some reviews about us on Google) before contacting anyone about it – see which answers you need in order to make an informed decision!

21 Important Zoosk FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) Answered