OkCupid MyBestFace Replacement

No one likes to be called “ugly” but that’s what OKCupid did to me when they discontinued the MyBestFace feature.

MyBestFace was a feature that allowed you to upload several profile pictures and then have them voted on by other members. It used an algorithm to determine which pictures were your best and added them to your profile automatically.

So what was the OkCupid MyBestFace feature?

OkCupid MyBestFace was a feature that was added by the website OkCupid.com to help users determine which of their uploaded profile photos were most popular among other users. OkCupid MyBestFace was removed in August 2010, after being unpopular with users and causing issues with the website’s database.

OkCupid MyBestFace Replacement

Let’s get to know about it in detail:

OkCupid My Best Face was a feature that allowed users to submit up to 20 photos at a time and then have other users vote on them. The feature allowed its users to see the cumulative results of their votes in a graph that shows how many votes each photo received.

 It also allowed the user to see which of their photos received the most positive votes from others as well as which received the least number of positive votes from others. It was also possible for users to upload generic photos instead of ones of themselves and get feedback on those as well.

The site mentioned that it was not necessary for visitors to have an account on OKCupid.com in order to vote for your pictures, but if they did have an account, then you would be able to see who voted for what.

Here are some reasons why OkCupid removed this feature:

There were many users who were using MyBestFace to “game the system” by uploading pictures of celebrities or other attractive people and voting them as their own. This was obviously not OK with us.

We felt that MyBestFace was not really a great indication of what people actually looked like because it became a game of “who can post a picture of the most attractive person?” instead of being an accurate portrayal of what your real face looks like.

If you’re looking for an OkCupid MyBestFace replacement, I suggest trying Quickmatch. It’s full of people who are ready to meet IRL and not just collect matches.

Here’s how it works:

You rate singles in your area on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) based on their photo. You won’t actually be able to see their profiles unless they rate you as well. If they do rate you, then both parties are notified and can message each other right away. If they don’t…well, let’s just say you’ll never know. But we don’t think that will be a problem!

Other alternatives to OkCupid MyBestFace are:

PhotoRater: If you weren’t interested in using MyBestFace, then you could use PhotoRater instead. This is an app that let you rate other people’s photos from 1-to 5 stars so they could get feedback on how attractive their pictures were.

Photofeeler: The artificial intelligence platform of Photofeeler continuously monitors vote quality and detects all types of voter fraud in real-time. To improve the accuracy of test findings, they apply sophisticated score distribution analysis. As a result, statistical precision significantly exceeds that which a limited number of votes could ordinarily deliver. So obtain dependable findings based on real people’s input right now.

Frequently asked question

When did MyBestFace.com close?

MyBestFace.com closed in August 2010.

Why did you close it?

We had long ago stopped developing the site and it was showing its age. We had to maintain both it and our main site, OkCupid.com, which was costing us more and more as the site got bigger.

Are the person’s Photofeeler scores accurate?

No. Reality is not the same as impressions. Photofeeler is a tool that solely counts impressions. As a result, depending on how you present yourself, you may receive varying scores.

The bottom line

According to OkCupid’s statistics, adding more photos to your profile will result in greater action from possible matches. Connect your Instagram account to OkCupid to show off more of your unique personality and meet new people. 

Captioning your images ensures that they appear in Discovery, allowing you to showcase your passions and connect with others who share your interests.

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