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200+ Flirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples (Deep & Funny )

Would you rather? Is a game of depth, in my opinion. Because this let us know the other person in a way we won’t have known in a short time.

There’s always room to spice things up with some interesting questions, whether you’re on your first, second, or Nth date. You can learn more about your significant other by using this excellent discussion starter.

I have written more than 200 would you rather questions that you can use to flirt with your better half and spice things up.

Deep flirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples 

  1. Would you rather love someone or be loved by someone?
  2. Would you rather spend your life with me or be sad forever?
  3. Which would you prefer: never getting married or getting married?
  4. Would you rather spend the entire day or the entire night together?
  5. Would you rather never eat or have sex again?
  6. Would you rather sleep with your crush or your going-to-be husband?
  7. Would you rather sunbathe or go swimming in the sea?
  8. Would you rather have a midnight snack or breakfast in bed?
  9. Would you rather have sex indoors or outdoors?
  10. Would you rather suck toes or ass?
  11. Would you rather love to be a dog or a wild cat?
  12. Would you rather be in love with me or your crush?
  13. Would you want to be with a peaceful lover or a passionate one?
  14. Which would you prefer: a sexy shower or a sexy bath?
  15. Would you prefer spending your entire life as a child or as an adult?
  16. Would you prefer to go on a cruise with your pals or with your significant other?
  17. Which would you want to lose: your keys or your phone?
  18. Which would you prefer to eat: cow tongue or octopus?
  19. Would you choose x-ray vision or amplification of your hearing?
  20. Would you want to be with someone who has had a lot of partners or someone who has never had any?
  21. Would you rather live by the sea for a year and be broke, or never live there at all?
  22. Would you like your partner to tell you what they want as a gift or to be surprised?
  23. Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping together?
  24. Would you rather go to the cinema with your friends or to a baseball game?
  25. Do you want to go whale viewing or go swimming with the dolphins?
  26. Would you rather go ice skating or to the theatre together?
  27. Would you rather be with someone you don’t trust or someone you love?
  28. Do you want to never fall in love or have children?
  29. Which do you prefer: sex without love or love without sex?
  30. Would you rather know how long you’ll be with someone or not know at all?
  31. Would you rather have your ideal partner or your ideal job?
  32. Would you rather live forever without a relationship or live with your lover for a shorter period of time?
  33. Which would you prefer: having the best friends or the finest partner?
  34. Would you rather be with a boisterous spouse or one that is extremely shy?
  35. Would you rather have your partner’s approval from your parents or from your friends?
  36. Would you rather have a large family or a large number of pets?
  37. Would you rather be told the truth all of the time or lied to on occasion?
  38. Would you like to be in a long-term relationship or have multiple partners?
  39. Would you rather date someone who has dated both men and women, or someone who has only dated men and women?
  40. Would you rather plan a vacation a month in advance or take a last-minute flight?
  41. Which would you choose to star in: a romantic comedy or a horror film?
  42. Would you rather date someone who admired you more or someone who admired you more?
  43. Would you rather pay for lunch yourself or have someone else do it for you?
  44. Would you rather have a spouse that is quite similar to you or someone who is completely different?
  45. Would you rather live in a city or on the outskirts of town?
  46. Would you rather schedule a table or go out and select a restaurant based on your mood?
  47. Would you rather spend the entire day at home or on the go?
  48. Would you rather be a villain or a superhero?
  49. Would you like to be able to read your lover’s thoughts or sense their emotions?
  50. Do you like to live by the water or in the mountains?
  51. Are you more interested in becoming a professional dancer or a professional singer?
  52. Would you like to be chilly or hot all of the time?
  53. Would you rather take your sweetheart on a picnic or to a posh restaurant?
  54. Would you rather be a powerful business pair or a famous movie star couple?
  55. Would you rather have total power over time or total control over space?
  56. Would you rather marry the wrong person or not at all?
  57. Do you prefer to be married or single?
  58. Would you rather forgive or not forgive infidelity?
  59. Would you rather be with someone who has children or someone who does not have children?
  60. Would you prefer to be with someone who has been married before or someone who has never been married?
  61. Would you rather hook up with someone fresh every other night for a year or stay alone for a year?
  62. Would you rather want to have a date night once a month or twice a week?
  63. Would you want to have one child or five children?
  64. Would you prefer a hot text or a love letter in the mail?
  65. Would you like to enjoy a date night at your favourite spot every time or try something new every time?
  66. Would you rather have a saint as a mate or someone who is completely insane?
  67. Would you rather have a twin flame who has already had 100 partners or a virgin?
  68. Which would you choose to be on the bottom of the top?
  69. Would you prefer to make love to your ex or to a complete stranger?
  70. Would you rather make love with chocolate or oil?
  71. Would you rather have an intimate relationship once a week or seven times a week?
  72. Would you rather be intimate on the beach or in the sea?
  73. Would you rather be tied up with your boo or have your bootied up with you?
  74. Do you want to make love for two minutes or two hours?
  75. Would you rather never have an intimate relationship or never kiss?
  76. Would you like to be blinded or handcuffed?
  77. Do you prefer to be intimate first thing in the morning or last thing at night?
  78. Would you rather have an hour of intimacy or a quickie?
  79. Would you like to hug all night or kiss all night?
  80. Do you want your boo to do something romantic or something kinky with you?
  81. Would you prefer being a submissive or a dominator, presuming it’s only for one night?
  82. Would you rather: adorable nicknames for each other or none at all?
  83. Would you rather have a romantic relationship first thing in the morning or last thing at night?
  84. Would you like a quickie or an hour of intimacy?
  85. Would you rather be hugged or kissed all night?
  86. Would you rather want your significant other to do something romantic or kinky with you?
  87. If it’s only for one night, would you rather be a submissive or a dominator?
  88. Which would you prefer: cute nicknames for each other or no nicknames at all?
  89. Would you rather lose your ability to sing fully or be forced to erupt into an uncontrollable dance whenever someone even hums?
  90. Would you rather marry the world’s brightest person or the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?
  91. Would you rather be forced to wear sweatpants every day for the rest of your life or never be permitted to wear sweatpants?
  92. Would you rather have an ache you can’t scratch or a song stuck in your brain you can’t get out of?
  93. Would you rather be compelled to walk with rocks in your shoes all the time or mud in your shoes and socks all the time?
  94. Would you rather always depart with a mismatched pair of shoes or earrings?
  95. Would you want to be able to view the futures of others or your own?
  96. Would you rather be able to just drink water or never eat cookies?
  97. Would you rather have a shaved brow or a totally hair-covered back?
  98. Would you rather be unable to recall someone’s name or face on a regular basis?
  99. Would you rather go blind and have gorgeous hair all of your life or go bald and keep your vision?
  100. Which would you prefer: being forced to sleepwalk or forced to sleep talk?
  101. Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?
  102. Would you rather have pinky toes for your fingers or thumbs for your toes?

Funny and flirty Would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather kiss or lick?
  2. Would you rather dominate or be bitch?
  3. Would you rather swallow or spit…?
  4. Would you rather be blindfolded or roleplay?
  5. Would you rather send or receive a sensual massage?
  6. Would you prefer a romantic or a kinky partner?
  7. Do you prefer your lover to be loud or quiet?
  8. Is it better to be kissed on the shoulder or on the neck?
  9. Would you rather experiment with ambiguous phrases or get right to the point?
  10. Would you rather commit the crime in your bed or somewhere more exciting?
  11. Would you prefer your lover to wear a gorgeous outfit or nothing at all?
  12. Which would you prefer: making love in the shower or in the tub?
  13. Would you rather be gay and happy or straight and sad?
  14. Would you rather be a billionaire or millionaire?
  15. Would you rather choose to be quiet forever or speak whatever?
  16. Would you rather lose your taste bud or taste your nose?
  17. Would you rather lick your shoes or eat the wildflowers?
  18. Would you rather live happily or be wealthy?
  19. Is it better to be best friends/lovers or just lovers?
  20. Would you want to spend your holiday alone or with your family?
  21. Would you want to have separate hobbies or just one?
  22. Would you like to attend your high school reunion alone or with your friends?
  23. Would you rather sing together or listen to a recording of your favourite song?
  24. Would you rather tell a white lie to spare your lover’s feelings or disclose the truth?
  25. Would you rather forgive your partner or hold a grudge against him or her?
  26. Would you rather try something new with your partner or stick to what you know?
  27. Would you rather be a memer or lover?
  28. Would you rather make out with me or kiss a dog?
  29. Would you rather sleep with a stranger or never sleep in life?
  30. Do you prefer to make a phone call or send a text message?
  31. Would you rather read a fantastic book or watch a fantastic film?
  32. Would you prefer to be caught in an endless snowstorm or an endless rainstorm?
  33. Which character from Jurassic Park would you rather be: the main character or the Martian?
  34. Which would you choose to be: the aggressor or the passive?
  35. Would you like to taste your partner’s whipped cream or hot fudge?
  36. Would you prefer the lights to be turned on or off?
  37. Which would you choose to be on the top or the bottom?
  38. Would you prefer a naked wrestling match in a chocolate pool or a jello pool?
  39. Would you prefer to cuddle or do something else afterwards?
  40. Do you prefer to play with toys or have your hair pulled?
  41. Would you rather walk in on your parents by mistake or have them walk in on you?
  42. Would you rather be a contestant on a reality dating programme or a reality survival show?
  43. Would you rather have a hug or a couch cuddle?
  44. Would you rather be on a porch swing or on a Ferris wheel with your friends?
  45. Would you rather play Twister or use body paint?
  46. Would you rather meet in a bar and pretend to be strangers, or pretend to argue at home and makeup?
  47. Would you rather obtain a psychic reading or a horoscope compatibility chart?
  48. Would you like to make out on a couch or in a parked automobile with a view of the city?
  49. Do you prefer to look up at the stars or at each other?
  50. Would you rather eat Godiva chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries?
  51. Would you rather spend your vacations at the same beautiful beach every year or travel to a new and unknown location each year?
  52. Would you rather be stuck on a boat or lost in the woods?
  53. Would you rather go into space in search of a new planet or dive into the ocean in search of sunken treasure?
  54. With your spouse, would you rather scuba dive or hang glide?
  55. Would you rather be in love or desire for the rest of your life?
  56. Would you rather go unnoticed or have the ability to read your lover’s thoughts?
  57. Would you want to run away or have a huge wedding?
  58. Would you rather go to the movies as a pair or to the theatre?
  59. Would you rather go whale viewing or swimming with dolphins?
  60. Would you rather prefer to cook for your partner or cook as a couple?
  61. Would you prefer to learn that your partner ate strange things (crickets, insects, etc.) or stole and dressed in other people’s clothes on occasion?
  62. Would you rather admit to a bunch of people that you clogged the toilet or admit to your lover that he or she was correct?
  63. Would you prefer your lover to be obsessed with his or her pet rat or raccoon?
  64. Would you rather have something trapped between your teeth on a date or have to keep passing gas?
  65. Would you rather be attacked by birds or kittens?
  66. Which would you like to encounter: a zombie or an alien?
  67. Would you rather your partner bite his or her toenails or have their mouth open as a dog licks their face?
  68. Would you rather find your lover excitedly chatting to himself or pretending to be in a music video?
  69. Which would you rather find in your hair: gum or a big cockroach?
  70. Would you rather win the jackpot once in your life or be in perfect health for the rest of your life?
  71. Would you rather drop your phone in a pool every time you saw one or be assigned a very humiliating nickname that you had to live with for the rest of your life?
  72. Which would you like to be with: someone who is overly romantic or someone who is overly practical?
  73. Would you prefer your relationship to be similar to those around you or wholly unique?
  74. Would you rather look into the future with your relationship or relive a moment in the past with your partner?
  75. Would you rather know all of your partner’s secrets or let things be as they are?
  76. Which would you prefer: a compliment from your partner or a present from your partner?
  77. Would you rather be with someone who is blunt yet occasionally offensive, or someone who is really shy and never says anything?
  78. Would you rather be correct in a disagreement or happy?
  79. Would you rather fart in front of your partner’s family or fall flat on your face in front of them?
  80. Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with someone you don’t like or imprisoned in a small car?
  81. Would you rather be imprisoned in a room full of snakes or spiders?
  82. Would you rather ask someone out with food in your teeth or use a corny pick-up line?
  83. Do you prefer a movie night or a gaming night?
  84. Would you rather take your significant other to a fine dining establishment or a boisterous pub?
  85. Would you rather have flowers or jewellery as a gift?
  86. Would you rather have an unpleasant date with a sincere person or a smooth date with someone you’re not sure is sincere?
  87. Do you like to be hugged or hold hands?
  88. Would you rather stay up all night talking or texting?
  89. Would you rather elope or have a traditional wedding? (And what if you’re married and have to start over?)
  90. Would you like your partner to think your finest trait was that you were intelligent, humorous, or seductive?
  91. Would you prefer to drink champagne with your lover to commemorate a special occasion or buy something modest for the two of you to enjoy?
  92. Would you rather be with someone who was virtually identical to you or someone who was almost identical to you?
  93. Would you rather find out you sent a romantic text to your in-law or your boss by accident?
  94. Would you want to go for a swim or unwind in a hot tub together?
  95. Would you rather see your partner in a gorgeous top or a baggy sweatshirt?
  96. Would you rather travel as a hobby or as a source of income together?
  97. Would you rather watch someone else pop a zit on your significant other’s face or press one on your own?
  98. Would you rather have a five-minute embrace or a five-hour cuddle?
  99. Would you rather have a partner who “listens” to their dog talk or one who “talks” to their dog?
  100. Would you have preferred to meet much later in life or much earlier?
  101. Would you prefer if your partner made a vow of celibacy or a vow of silence all of a sudden?
  102. Would you rather watch a poorly scripted film or a comedy with your friends?
  103. Would you prefer that your lover didn’t brush or shower for a week?
  104. Would you rather have a partner who eats very quickly in public or one who chews very loudly in public?

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best out of these and spice things up.


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